Friday, February 12, 2010

Travel, Movie, Home...

  1. It's so great to have a lovely long weekend after such a long time!! But then, we could not make any plans in advance.. so last moment plan : Coorg / Mysore..!!
  2. News channels just do not have any other new to show other than MNIK today! Was wondering, if so much of force is deployed at the theatres, what if some terrosist blow something more imp?! Thinking people here have their own fights, why not fuel it! ! I am sick of this news now.. and now my husband wants to watch this movie!! Arggghhhh...
  3. Specially on holidays i remember my old home (the one before marriage!!).. when Aai used to make special breakfast even if we used to get up at 10!! Now, i have to get up early to make the breakfast!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Comeback again, Home, Dinner...

  1. Again, i couldnt be active on blogs for months.. Was busy preparing for and then adjusting in new life.. something for which i'd waited for more than 7 years....!! Feels nice to finally be able to write something after such a long time..
  2. I am missing Nagpur a lot.. I've not yet fallen in love with Bangalore, but i'm trying a lot.. i cannot decide though, what am i missing more, Nagpur or my old home... may be Nagpur, because my old home's there!!
  3. Planning to prepare a nice dinner.. Let's see... Egg Curry, Pulao, Parothas, tossed salad and Custard.... what say?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Comeback, Exciting, Wait....

  1. Wow.. felt so nice to read my favourite blogs after so many days... no, not days.. months...! Life was keeping me so busy that i just could not visit anybody's blog, leave alone commenting and posting.. feels nice to come back.. but seems i have missed a lot of things... :( 
  2. Tomorrow is a holiday, but me and Aai have prepared a loooong list of the thinds-to-do, still i am waiting for it... after all, it's shopping!
  3. I have been busy like hell since last few weeks, yet, sometimes it seems days just don't pass quickly... And Andy is not coming before 1st week of Jan... i guess that is why i feel the days are not passing.... 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Lazy, Hectic, Crazy...

  1. Had pizza today...after so many days of craving! And that too on a rainy day, when i was not at all feeling to take out my car, go and wait there, today being a sunday there would have been lot of rush... Thank god and thank Smokin' Joe's for the prompt home delivery! Though Aai was not that happy to eat it, she liked the Garlic bread... followed by a nice coffee made by ME... :)
  2. I am going to have a terrible week ahead.... but a paid week-off after this one is the real temptation to go to work this week... and now i can at least think of completing the wall which i started to paint, but stopped beacause of lack of time.. now i am going to have it painted with 'Warli' painting... a good way to spend that week!
  3. Watched 'Rock on' again!!! I can (now) just watch Arjun Rampal (The God) and Farhan Akhtar (The Super Sexy-Man) any number of times... and my iPod is playing the songs of Farhan Akhtar every now and then, virtually driving Shrirang crazy! and i'm sure Andy is feeling a bit jealous, though he is not admitting! i should cut down my talks on Farhan Akhtar... :)

Friday, September 12, 2008

Dependency, Enjoyment, Craft...

  1. I donno what would have i done had Andy was not there... i am so much dependent oh him that if i am stuck with a problem, and even if i know the solution, unless he confirms it, i cannot proceed... so leave alone that problem when i am dumbstruck! I have always been known as very much independent, yet this is happening to me! And i am so much enjoying this phase of my life!
  2. Last weekend was full of fun at our house, with the Ganapati and Mahalaxmi celebrations... so many relatives had come, and we enjoyed it to the core.. but then, today i realized how desperately am i looking forward for the weekend... i am hopelessly tired and desperately want some rest!
  3. It's been a while since i bought the raw wax, an di just couldnt make time to make candles.... now this Sunday, it shall be a candle day! Hope the electricity board does not take this in any other sense!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Similar, Time shortage, Excitement...

  1. One of my closest friend, Neha, is getting married soon, so today i'd gone with her for some jewellery shopping. While she was doing the billing, i took some time out and just checked out some of the latest designs at Tanishq. And to my surprise, i also finalized almost the similar designs for my wedding! All the while i wanted everything unique, everything special. But just the feeling of this occassion is so special, that i didnt think much before doing so! Both of us are not stealing each others' thunder, nor did we decide that we'll have this same. Yet somehow, it happened! :)
  2. It's been so long that i've watched a movie in theare. And for a movie buff like me, this is nothing more than something irritating, because i just couldnt help it. I had been so much busy these days, that i didn't even know that Bachna Aey Haseeno is already out, till today i read it's review. I am not planning to watch God, Tussi... coz i dont' wanna see the pathetic remake of God Almighty, but I have not yet watched Jaane tu.., Singh is King. Somehow i managed to watch The Dark Knight during my trip to Pune. But Shrirang has managed to get hold of at least 15 movie DVDs from the list of the movies which i wanted to see. When am i going to get the time?!?!?!
  3. I love surprises! But i just cannot wait to see those!! Andy has told me that there is a surprise for me in store, and i'm gonna get it only on tuesday! I tried to give him bribes of all sorts, also promised him that i wont disclose to anyone, but all in vain! Now the only thing left is to wait and watch!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Drenched with rains, feelings...

  1. It finally rained!! i don;t like this season much, because of some very stupid reasons, like; we cannot wear all the delicate yet expensive sandles, cannot go on a long drive because we don't have anything like 'rainy season' holidays, unless you're in Mumbai and it is reaning like hell... But, i also love this season for all the masti with 'n' number of cups of tea in a day, leaving car in the parking lot and deliberately proceeding without an umbrella, and being totally drenched at least once a week... and everybody was waiting for the heavens to pour.. for almost a week the weather was cloudy, leaving it humid... and finally, since yesterday, it's raining! and i cannot remember how many times i've had the adrak ki chai now!
  2. We'd been to my maternal grandparents palce today evening. And it suddenly occured to me that it's been almost more than a month since i've paid a visit to their place. And when grandpa said that it's okay because you people are so much busy in your schedules, and they have so much time because of which they wait to see us, i somehow sensed the sadness rather than the sarcasm. And i felt so bad.. even after being in the same city, we cannot go and visit them because of our so-called busy schedules... and me, Shrirang and Aman decided to go there at least once a week... to have all the fun, with them!
  3. Even though i've to go very early tomorrow to the college, i'm not feeling very bad fabout fit... now this is a very rare feeling on a Sunday night! But lately, because of some new work on my side, and very interactive new batch, i no longer have monday blues! Hope it continues throughout the year!